My Life Is Awesome

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It really is.

I have my share of struggles, just like anyone else.

In fact, some of my friends seem to think I have MORE struggles than anyone else – which is not in any way true.

I live with my 4 year old and my dog in a 33 foot travel trailer. On my grandma’s property,  rent-free. In exchange, I pay the water and electricity and pick up the doggie presents out back as well as divvy out her medication for her every week.

Thing is, my grandma is probably going to be diagnosed with dementia at the end of this month after 9 months of trying to get that diagnosis. We could all see it happening. And it’s not cute old lady aw how cute she forgets things dementia. It’s angry bitter spewing yelling abusive sometimes hitting dementia.

It’s quite sad to watch.

I have found myself having surplus kindness and patience reserves for her, I’ll attribute those to the grace of God.

Her life has not been awesome. She owns her house outright. She has my mom and her 2 sisters and everyone comes to visit and pitches in with projects around the house. I’ve been living here since November and I do what I can – BBQ for us, listen to her when she’s upset, get my lovebug son to hug her and make her smile… but she can’t see it.

No matter how amazing your life is, if YOU can’t see it, if YOU can’t see all that you have to be grateful for, it’s gonna suck.

See… I could be lamenting the fact that I went from married with a 4-bedroom house of my own in the suburbs to half-time single mom in a travel trailer on my crazy old grandma’s property.

But every day, I am presented with a choice. I can choose to see that my life is awesome, or I can choose to see all that I have lost and all that I am missing out on. Or worse, be apathetic towards it all.

Take a little mental inventory. What’s awesome about your life RIGHT now? Leave me some comment love, wave your life is awesome flag loud and proud!

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