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I’m not billing you hourly, I’m supporting you generously. What you get in return? Brilliant strategy. My brain in your business, finding ways to leverage your energy for maximum return.

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what you get

  • Strategy Call

    A jam-packed download from your brain to mine. During this deep dive, we'll connect about what's most important to you and your business. It’s also a time to bounce ideas, brainstorm strategies, and dream big. Talk about the things you would love to see happen if you had a copy of yourself (ta-da!). From here, I will create my action plan for the month.

  • Dedicated Hours

    Your name on my schedule. For your dedicated hours, my sole focus will be on your business. These aren't the only hours I'll be doing work for you, but these are the hours that I will be laser-focused on YOU. For these hours you are in the crosshairs. And you’d be amazed what I can get done in just one of those hours. These hours do not roll over or accumulate. However, they are NOT the only hours you get. You’ll also get time for the things that always seem to happen in business, as well as access to me during “office hours” to ask for additional tasks that crop up.

  • Office Hours

    When I was in college, my professors had weekly office hours. Where I could go bug ‘em, ask them for additional help with a paper, or just shoot the breeze. I'll let you know time that I will be “around” for questions, tasks that didn't get discussed in our strategy call, and brainstorming. If there’s something we’re working on and it needs a little extra TLC, you can pop online during these office hours and let me know. And, as long as the queue isn’t full, I’ll knock it out. First come, first serve, and I’m sure there will always be enough. I believe in abundance & Einstein time, baby.

  • Triage

    Sometimes life happens. Your website goes down. Something comes up we didn't anticipate from our call. This is your helpline. I've got you covered. You need another voice call to touch base. Whatever it is, we'll work together to manage a solution.

  • Training & Resources

    Let's say you have a VA, or someone on your team who needs to learn a new skill. Or you just want to learn a new tool yourself. I provide custom screencast training videos to show you how to do just about anything (even on your phone). You'll get access to an exclusive training library as well as a customized members' area that walks you through how to safely and securely give me access to what I need to support you in your business.

Book a  Consult
Let's talk about what you need and get to work!

rumor has it

Working with Kim is awesome! She literally can figure anything out, she's always there to come to the rescue and knows SO many programs. I trust her guidance. She is also just an awesome person so that makes it even more fun to work with her.

Laura Allahverdi January 5, 2016

Kim has been an absolute god-send to my business! I am so happy to have found someone that I can trust 100% to handle any task that I give her. Not only that, but she's very proactive about finding solutions that make my business and life easier. I am not drowning in my inbox any

Julie Lowe January 5, 2016

Kim is a magician without a magic wand. She makes all the things talk to each other. And work properly. And saves people like me from hyperventilating. Kim does more than healing, honestly. She does voodoo.

Jeanette LeBlanc January 5, 2016

Kim is irreplaceable and I am forever grateful to have her on my copy team! Don't make another move without her.. hands down she is one of the most incredible people to work with if you get the opportunity.

Sarah Grear January 5, 2016

Book a  Consult
Let's talk about what you need and get to work!

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